Drill Core in A Box at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

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ALLAN BARRY: Are there some comparable deposits to what you’re talking about here?

KIRIL MUGERMAN: Not really. Stratiform copper deposits? Yes. But stratiform copper in high-grade metamorphic granulite facies? Absolutely no.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: That’s why it’s very unique. We had that discussion with one of the majors. It’s very interesting because the majors are now starting to look at, “How do you find copper deposits?” Go in the non-traditional zones.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: Those non-traditional zones are high-grade metamorphic terrains that have not been explored. The rock that we are used to does not look the same way. If I told you to look for a porphyry deposit that is one or two or three billion years old, then you’d say “Well, no. All the porphyries are young and we know how it looks.” That’s how we found MALARTIC, which is a porphyry. Windfall Lake in Quebec is a porphyry, as well. But since they are of a totally different age and metamorphic conditions, they look different.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: It took time for OSISKO to demonstrate it with their success at MALARTIC. Look at what OSISKO METALS is doing now — they are looking at zinc in those high-grade metamorphic terrains.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: We had results of some drill holes which were very positive. We were very happy with it, but then we could do a step-out and not get the same thing. We thought, “That doesn’t make sense.”

KIRIL MUGERMAN: That’s where we started suspecting that our structural interpretation was not correct. We said, “We’ll wait.” That’s why we didn’t drill last winter.

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