Kintavar Exploration Inc.


Kintavar Exploration is a Canadian mineral exploration Corporation engaged in the acquisition, assessment, exploration and development of gold and base metal mineral properties.


Its flagship project is the Mitchi – Wabash copper-silver district (approx. 37,000 hectares, 100% owned) located 100 km north of the town of Mont-Laurier and 15 km East of the town of Parent in Quebec. Both properties cover an area of more than 300 km 2 accessible by a network of logging and gravel roads with access to hydro-electric power already on site, major regional roads including railroad and a spur.

The properties are located in the north-western portion of the central metasedimentary belt of the Grenville geological province. The projects primarily focus on sediment-hosted stratiform copper type mineralization (SSC) but include Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) and skarn type targets. Osisko holds a 2% NSR on 27 claims of the southern portion of the Mitchi property, outside of the sedimentary basin. Kintavar also has exposure in the gold greenstone belts of Quebec where it is advancing the Anik Gold Project in a partnership with IAMGOLD and several early-stage projects that were optioned out to other companies.
Kintavar supports local development in the Mitchi-Wabash region where it owns and operates the Fer à Cheval outfitter (www.feracheval.ca), a profitable and cashflow generating operation where it employs local workforce. It as well works with local First Nations to provide training and employment.

Kintavar’s portfolio of exploration properties consists of two groups of projects:

• The projects located in the Grenville geological province include two main properties in the southern part of the Laurentians in Quebec: Mitchi and Wabash. The Baie-Johan-Beetz (BJB) property is located on the Lower North Shore. All Grenvillian properties are 100% owned by the Company. The projects are primarily base metals with focus on copper and silver with presence of zinc, lead and manganese.

• The projects located in the Abitibi geological sub-province, are fully focused on gold. The Anik gold project (Optioned to IAMGOLD), New Moser and Rivière à l’aigle (Optioned to Gitennes) and Gaspard-Nord (wholly owned). All properties are located in the urban area of ​​lower northern Quebec (beyond the 49th parallel). They benefit from permanent road access, public infrastructure and a specialized workforce.

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