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Stratiform Copper in Quebec

There could be more

About Kintavar Exploration Inc.

Kintavar Exploration is a Canadian mineral exploration Corporation engaged in the acquisition, assessment, exploration and development of gold and base metal mineral properties. Our flagship project is the "Mitchi", which is a large exploration land package with extensive stratiform copper mineralization located about halfway between Montreal and Val D'Or.

The Mitchi covers an area of more than 300 km2 accessible by a network of logging and gravel roads with a hydro-electric power substation located 14 km to the east. The property is located in the north-western portion of the central metasedimentary belt of the Grenville geological province. We believe this is an important type of copper deposit in Quebec and look forward to quickly advancing the Mitchi.

In 2019, our summer trenching and winter drilling confirmed our geological interpretation of "sub horizontal stratiform mineralization from surface" at Sherlock, which is a major advantage for any future mining. Learn more about our activities at Sherlock, Watson, Elementary, and other areas across the Mitchi as we continue to explore in 2020.

Pourvoirie Fer à Cheval

In August 2019, Kintavar acquired the Pourvoirie Fer à Cheval to advance development of the Mitchi Project.

The Acquisition is strategic for Kintavar as it addresses several key points:

- Private road, power line (15km), fueling station, 3 helicopter pads
- Major impact on future CAPEX to develop the project
- Over 100 sleeping accommodations
- Building stronger ties with the local communities
- Existing business with over 10 years in operation
- Cash flowing business working with the forestry industry, Hydro Quebec, local ATV & snowmobiling
- 240 km2 of exclusive fishing & hunting territory covering a large portion of the Mitchi basin

Thanks to everyone involved with Fer à Cheval outfitters. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with this successful local business.

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