About Pourvoirie Fer a Cheval

Kintavar supports local development in the Mitchi-Wabash region where it owns and operates the Fer à Cheval outfitter (www.feracheval.ca), a profitable and cashflow generating operation where it employs local workforce. It as well works with local First Nations to provide training and employment.

This outfitter is a leading local business the is operational 12 months a year and provides lodging to the local tourism and workforce. The installations offer fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, ATV riding and many other activities all in the comfort of clean hydropower.

• Location – An exclusive territory of nearly 240 km 2  that covers a large portion of the northern part of the Mitchi sedimentary basin. Our objective is to guarantee that any future developments of the Mitchi project are done in full synergy to support and develop region, the tourism, protect the environment and the local communities;

• Key infrastructure – The Fer a Cheval owns key local assets such as the power line, private road access, fueling station and over 100 sleeping accommodations. The ownership of this infrastructure will have a major influence on any future capital costs of developing the Mitchi – Wabash district.

• Environmental and social acceptability – the Mont Laurier region residents have been very supportive of the company since day one, even though the mining industry is new to the region. The acquisition of the Fer a Cheval allows Kintavar to continue developing the region, work more with the local communities and most importantly remain focused on the environmental and sustainable development aspects of the Mitchi – Wabash district.

• Growing cash flowing business – The Fer a Cheval has been in operation for over 10 years and has developed into a very active business for more than just hunting and fishing. The region has also been developed for snowmobiling and ATV riding and attracts many outdoor enthusiasts to the area. The Fer a Cheval has grown over the years and is a central location for lodging to major companies such as Hydro Quebec (15 km from the La Verendrye sub station), forestry companies and even forestry firefighting organizations. Kintavar intends to keep operating and optimizing the Fer a Cheval. It will be generating funds and as well have major synergies with its exploration activities, as such, maximizing shareholder value.

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