Kiril Mugerman, StockPulse Transcript c. 5,000 Words

That’s how it all started, then we raised $10 million dollars in 2018 on the success of those results. It was the first time we had primary copper mineralization in Quebec in — what? I believe it was over 20 years? We got the Quebec pension fund involved. They hold, today, I believe 14% of the company.

Kintavar Options Out Two Gold Properties in Quebec to Gitennes Exploration...

“Kintavar continues to leverage its exploration experience in Quebec and to gradually divest its non-core assets while gaining exposure to gold exploration through those transactions. We are very excited to work with Gitennes who recognized Quebec as a mining-friendly jurisdiction and the gold exploration potential in this province.” commented Kiril Mugerman, President & CEO of Kintavar Exploration.

Mitchi Geology

Learn more about The Mitchi Copper project in Mont-Laurier, Quebec.

2020-06-17-NR: Graphic Pack

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Kintavar Drilling Results on Sherlock; Gold and Cobalt Trend Identified on...

Kiril Mugerman, President & CEO of Kintavar Exploration. “The Mitchi property does not lack exploration targets. In fact, the recent identification of the new gold and cobalt trends complement and adds to our traditional copper mineralization. This is very significant for Kintavar as it provides a new range of targets and a new area to explore. Furthermore, we are evaluating higher grade copper targets within trucking distance of Mitchi in order to be able to consider all these zones ultimately under one resource estimate of significant size. The objective would be to advance these new targets to a drilling stage as quickly as possible and to bring them to the level we currently have at Sherlock. The infrastructure and the location of the Mitchi project is its main advantage allowing to work multiple zones in order to build up a large resource.”