On the move at Mitchi, 2019-12 Drilling at SHERLOCK

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KIRIL MUGERMAN: We’ve completed 3,900 metres in this Sherlock area. Sherlock and Irene, which is the northern portion of this area. SHERLOCK 34 is all the way to the west. SHERLOCK 38 is all the way to the east. All those areas have been tested by drilling with vertical holes.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: We slowly started filling-in some areas. We stopped for the holidays, but when the guys come back in January and we’re waiting for results, they are going to go to the ELEMENTARY zone.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: ELEMENTARY is 1.5 kilometres north of SHERLOCK.

ALLAN BARRY: You can see it in the map to the north. And you’ve got the same kind of rocks.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: It’s the same thing. We have the exact same kind of rocks all the way 15 kilometres to the north at Nasigon. That’s where the next big marble sequence comes out. Here, at SHERLOCK-ELEMENTARY, it is only 1.5 kilometres that we have not yet in-filled. We still have to in-fill drill and process more surface trenching next summer.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: In the meantime, we managed to demonstrate mineralization over 1.5 kilometres on surface at ELEMENTARY. The best trench was ELEMENTARY 08, which gave us 14 metres at 0.93% copper on surface. It’s all bornite and chalcocite in there. You won’t find any crystals of chalcopyrite in there and that’s the beauty of it.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: When we did the metallurgy test work, everything flowed beautifully. We ran a few cycles of flotation and got 59% copper concentrate on 79% recovery. By the time we optimized it a little bit, you’ll have a copper concentrate of probably approximately 35% with recoveries that we’ll try to get to 90%.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: And this is without discussing any ore-sorting test work.

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