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Drill Core in A Box at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

Drill Core in A Box at SHERLOCK, 2019-12 Watch a video of drilling at our Mitchi...

Watch the Drill Turn at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

"As you go through the same horizon again and again over a hole 120 metres deep, you just drill through the same fold several times. That was the first interpretation we got something really interesting."

View from the Drill Rig, SHERLOCK 2019-12

"This is what we are trying to explain to the market. It will be much easier with the grades coming out as of January to understand a geological mining model with those horizontal layers of marble."

Drilling at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

This is not in the swampy Abitibi territory where you can drill mostly in the winter. Here, you can drill anytime you want. Obviously, you cannot drill from the lakes in the summer but, ground-wise, it’s very stable and solid ground. You have very little swampy area that cannot be accessed in the summer.

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“C’est comme ça que tout a commencé”, Kiril Mugerman sur StockPulse

"In our case, we were the first company “pre- Resource Estimate” where the CDPQ took a position more than 10%."

“Our drilling angle was completely wrong.” Kiril Mugerman on StockPulse

"First of all, volumes are easier to add up when everything is horizontal than vertical, drilling-wise. Second, our drilling angle was completely wrong. All the drill holes that we drilled in November and December are all vertical."

Kiril Mugerman, StockPulse Transcript c. 5,000 Words

That’s how it all started, then we raised $10 million dollars in 2018 on the success of those results. It was the first time we had primary copper mineralization in Quebec in — what? I believe it was over 20 years? We got the Quebec pension fund involved. They hold, today, I believe 14% of the company.

+40 Minute Interview: Hidden Treasures with Allan Barry Laboucan on StockPulse

StockPulse Productions presents our latest Hidden Treasure, Kintavar Exploration. Allan Barry Laboucan of Allan Barry Reports conducts an in-depth drill-down interview with Kiril Mugerman, president and CEO of Kintavar Exploration, discussing the history and the future of Kintavar and its flagship "Mitchi" project, the latest exploration results, financing, and what's next for 2020.