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Copper M&A Update Report — Copper Projects Review 2020

M&A opportunities limited: However, we also showed that the opportunities for M&A were limited because: many copper companies that are potential takeover targets have difficult shareholding structures; the number of quality asset disposals from existing copper producers is likely to be a lot lower than in the past; and there are a limited number of late-stage development copper projects with resources of greater than 3.0Mt contained copper that are likely candidates to be acquired.

Kintavar Attends VRIC2020

Thanks to Cambridge House for organizing the 25th annual Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. It was our pleasure to exhibit alongside GeoMegA Resources. Congratulations to Cambridge House for another successful event. Well done! See pictures of our booth in a quiet moment on the morning of the first day before the conference opened.


Mineralization from surface Simple & efficient exploration model 矿化结构始于地表 简单高效的勘探模式

Kintavar at GCFF 温哥华资源投资会展

"As the price of gold renews interest in investing in natural resources, Chinese investors in Canada are now looking for mineral and energy investments in their portfolios. The 2020 GCFF Vancouver Resources Investment Conference will bring together one of Canada's fastest-growing Chinese investor communities and bring investment opportunities in the metals and minerals sectors."



With Copper Stocks Tapped Out, Banks See a 2020 Price Spike,...

Copper’s tight supply situation was masked by the trade tensions, according to Darwei Kung, head of commodities at DWS Investment Management Americas Inc., who is bullish on the metal. Now with a preliminary truce between the countries, copper is looking “positive” this year, he said.

On the move at Mitchi, 2019-12 Drilling at SHERLOCK

We stopped for the holidays, but when the guys come back in January and we’re waiting for results, they are going to go to the ELEMENTARY zone.

Drill Core in A Box at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

Drill Core in A Box at SHERLOCK, 2019-12 Watch a video of drilling at our Mitchi project in December 2019, Read...

Watch the Drill Turn at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

"As you go through the same horizon again and again over a hole 120 metres deep, you just drill through the same fold several times. That was the first interpretation we got something really interesting."

View from the Drill Rig, SHERLOCK 2019-12

"This is what we are trying to explain to the market. It will be much easier with the grades coming out as of January to understand a geological mining model with those horizontal layers of marble."