Watch the Drill Turn at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

Watch a video of the drill at our Mitchi project in December 2019,

KIRIL MUGERMAN: Of course, QUEBEC is known for gold in Val-d’Or, the JAMES BAY – ABITIBI. The gold is not in the GRENVILLE — it’s all in much older terrains, which are much less deformed. The only things that are in the GRENVILLE in Quebec are the iron deposits and the graphite deposits. That’s because GRENVILLE has seen a huge amount of deformation. That deformation was bought by pressure, by squeezing and folding rock.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: As well, by bringing high temperatures, which metamorphose the rocks. Because of this metamorphism, you could not identify any of the traditional rocks which are associated with stratiform copper deposits.

ALLAN BARRY: They’re altered.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: They’re all altered due to metamorphism, correct. We had people say, “Well, it’s in the marble — it must be a skarn. In Quebec, you have some copper in skarn.” They always go on old notions that don’t apply here — they have all been metamorphosed in granulite facies.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: We were not afraid of the metamorphic conditions because we had MICHEL GAUTHIER on our side, who is extremely good at reconstructing the pre-metamorphic conditions based on what we are seeing now. He has done the thin section work for us to rebuild the original constituents — what were these rocks? That gave us a lot of confidence. Then we started drilling.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: The first few times we drilled were based on trenches. They were big, but not as big as some of the recent trenches that we’ve done this summer. They gave us an indication that we are looking at tightly folded, sub-vertical units.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: Basically, the marble horizons got folded. Sometimes we’ll drill through the same fold that got folded three or four times.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: As you go through the same horizon again and again over a hole 120 metres deep, you just drill through the same fold several times. That was the first interpretation we got something really interesting.

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