Drilling at SHERLOCK, 2019-12

Watch a video of the drills at our Mitchi project in December 2019,

ALLAN BARRY: KIRIL, in summary, you’ve got large exploration potential. You’ve done a very thorough exploration job. You’ve got the infrastructure and you’re drilling now to prove-up a new concept of the mineralization! When do you expect some drill results in January? And then more drilling? How do you see things going for the next six months or so?

KIRIL MUGERMAN: Yes, we’ll start getting results as of January. That’s pretty much the first objective as of the second week of January. We’ll start drilling on the ELEMENTARY zone. By the time the ELEMENTARY zone drilling is finishing, we’ll probably start getting some of those first results. Good chance that we’ll send the drill rig back to the SHERLOCK area to start doing some in-filling.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: All that will be finalized already in the new year. Right now our target is to hit that 5,000 metres, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go for more than 5,000 by adding more drill holes in the SHERLOCK area.

KIRIL MUGERMAN: By the time we finish drilling in January, we will be getting results throughout the entire first quarter — January, February, March. Who knows, maybe even some drill results in April.

ALLAN BARRY: I guess you are able to drill here pretty much year-round?


KIRIL MUGERMAN: This is not in the swampy Abitibi territory where you can drill mostly in the winter. Here, you can drill anytime you want. Obviously, you cannot drill from the lakes in the summer but, ground-wise, it’s very stable and solid ground. You have very little swampy area that cannot be accessed in the summer.

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