Abitibi Project



Summer 2016 – 95 tills collected (hand and backhoe sampling)

  • 25 tills between 50 and 166 Au grains
  • 27 tills between 30 and 49 Au grains
  • 4 trains are currently defined
  • 2 new areas identified

Historical work – 110 tills

  • 30 tills between 30 and 200 Au grains
  • 80 tills between 10 and 29 Au grains

A particular geological context that was little investigated.

Very strong till anomalies in historical work:

Located in the extensions of large deformation corridors with certain associated to gold deposits: Monster Lake, Chevrier and Murgor (NE) and Barry, Lac Windfall and Barry/Suart (SW)

One of the most active areas in Quebec at the moment due to aggressive Osisko drilling at Windfall, SW and East Targets

Osisko East Target is located directly South of RAL anomalies.